Meet Carl Catron

Meet Carl Catron

Meet Carl Catron


Musical talent Carl Catron is a freelance saxophonist currently based in Italy Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee; his musical journey began with him learning to play the piano at age seven. Carl discovered his love for the saxophone at age eleven; and although he loved the piano, he found his growing passion for music could be easily and emotionally expressed through the versatility of the saxophone.

A chance encounter with world-renowned sax player Kirk Whalum, lead him to the instrument he has continued to play throughout his adult life, and that he still loves playing today. He fell in love with the freedom that is felt through playing itself, and the ability to connect with his audience. He is proficient in alto and baritone saxophone playing, but his main focus and musical mastery lie with the tenor saxophone.

His talents resulted in him securing a place at Berklee College of Music, based in Boston. He attended the College between 2007 and 2011 and this time was spent honing his skills. His time there was fruitful indeed; the creative atmosphere nurtured a spark of inspiration. Carl began pursuing rock saxophone playing. He continued to be inspired by the rock genre and spent many hours listening to artists like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen and Liquid Tension Experiment. The speed, fluidity, power, and freedom of the rock style felt like home to Carl and he continued to practice. Between these artists’ influence and that of John Coltrane, Michael Brecker, and Grover Washington, Carl has developed into the fluid player that he is today.

Carl’s dedication and abilities will no doubt ensure a successful and enduring musical career. He has many awards and achievements, interviews, reviews and media credits. He has won many ‘endorsing artist’ awards and his accolades are continuing to grow! His vast musical experience includes playing at festivals and clubs. Many different magazines have talked to Carl over the years to hear his thoughts and musical expertise. As of 2016 he’s become a full-time Youtuber and has created a project(Sax Dragon & The Unlimited Orchestra) that includes musicians from all over the world, fusing rock, funk, blues, and jazz together to recreate video game music(VGM), anime themes, and film scores. Also in this time, he’s devoted himself to expanding his horizons and has learned basic proficiency on Trumpet, Cornet, Flugelhorn, Alto/Tenor Horn(Eb Piccolo Tuba), and Euphonium. With these in his arsenal, he has become a better arranger and is able to more capably help his orchestra by providing instrumentation that may be lacking.

Carl is a passionate musician, always committed to training, practice, study, and performance. His goal is to be the best he can be. He would like to find his place amongst the greats he reveres. He enjoys playing with other musicians and performers and by continually broadening his horizons, Carl hopes to expand his understanding of the saxophone, music, and himself.



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